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Jan 15, 2018
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The purpose of these rules are to ensure that Gambit's forums remains a friendly community free of harassment, hate and offensive content. These rules apply to everyone, even members of staff, and warnings and bans will be issued to anyone who breaks these rules at Moderator's discretion. Bans may differ from a few hours to permanent depending on the severity of the rule breakage. Breaking rules repetitively will result in harsher penalties.

  1. Do not discriminate off of someone's race, ethnicity, religious background, sexual preference, political view or past. Don't be racist.
  2. Repeatedly breaking any of Gambit's rules is grounds for a permanent ban. Warnings and bans are not to be taken lightly.
  3. Do not post anything that infringes on someone's personal privacy or information.
  4. Do not harass members of the community. Users found to be doing this will be banned. This includes spamming staff.
  5. Do not post or link to age sensitive material without a spoiler and NSFW tags.
  6. Do not slander or defame other communities, or players.
  7. Do not 'shitpost'. Shitposting is defined as posts that are of low qualify and contribute little to the discussion of the forum. However, shitposts are allowed in Shitpost Central.
  8. Do not post links to any sort of malicious software or websites.
  9. Do not flame on the forums, take it to other external means.
  10. Do not post plagiarized content. Content must be that of your own or be posted with direct approval of the original content creator.
  11. Do not create alternate accounts. Accounts with shared IPs will be banned.
  12. Do not use the Youtube Autoplay tag outside of Literature-based threads. Some exceptions apply. Trolling with it will result in a ban.
  13. Ensure that all avatars and tagged content is appropriate.
  14. Do not post in threads that do not require your input. Additionally, all input should be kept relevant.
  15. Do not derail threads.
  16. Signatures must still abide by the forum and community rules and must contain images no bigger than 500x200px. (Forum Staff Discretion)
  17. Toxic attitudes will not be tolerated.
  18. Follow formats for all posts or your post will be removed.
  19. Arguments in the shoutbox are not allowed. Take it to PMs.
  20. Use the reputation system for gauging how polite someone is or how they contribute to threads. Do not abuse it just because you dislike them.
These forum guidelines were originally made by Ruffian and then updated by me to fit Gambit.
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